November 16, 2018
The structural heart team at Cardiovascular Specialists of Southwest Louisiana successfully completed the first transcatheter mitral valve replacement (TMVR) in Southwest Louisiana. TMVR is a new less invasive method for replacing the mitral valve without open heart surgery.

Cardiovascular Specialist · November 06, 2018
Doctors at Cardiovascular Specialists of Southwest Louisiana successfully implanted the first Watchman® left atrial appendage occlusion device, an alternative to anti-coagulation (blood thinners) in patients with atrial-fibrillation.

Cardiovascular Specialist · August 24, 2018
A 63‐year‐old female with multiple cardiovascular risk factors presented with a nontypical chest pain syndrome.

Cardiovascular Specialist · July 03, 2018
Dr. Thomas Mulhearn of Cardiovascular Specialists of Louisiana presents a complex PCI case in the setting of severe LV dysfunction. The 49 year old male patient presented to a satellite office with chest pain. He had poorly controlled type II diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and he was a smoker. An angiogram showed a normal left main, but significant LAD disease, a proximal lesion, an occluded vessel in the mid-segment, along with a circumflex that was non-dominant with high grade...
Cardiovascular Specialist · November 03, 2017
The doctors at Cardiovascular Specialists of Southwest Louisiana have performed almost every treatment or procedure in cardiology available anywhere in the world—except for heart transplantation—right here in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Being a part of many medical firsts in our region—heart catheterizations, dual-chamber pacemakers, and implantable defibrillators—Michael C. Turner, M.D. is no stranger to breaking new ground for cardiac patients in Southwest Louisiana.

Cardiovascular Health · October 16, 2017
As a general rule, people undergoing heart catheterizations in the United States do so with the procedure starting at the femoral artery found in the groin. However, local interventional cardiologist Dr. Thomas Mulhearn with Cardiovascular Specialists is using a new technique that accesses the pathway to the heart through the wrist. It’s called the transradial approach to cardiac catheterization, and he says it offers many benefits to patients.

Cardiovascular Specialist · October 12, 2017
Dr. Michael Turner MD, FACC, FSCCT, preventive cardiology specialist with Cardiovascular Specialists, has been appointed co -editor for the new CT section of the international online journal Echocardiography, the official publication of the Society of Cardiovascular Ultrasound.

Cardiovascular Specialist · October 12, 2017
An article submitted by Dr. Michael Turner MD, FACC, FSCCT, preventive cardiology specialist with Cardiovascular Specialists in Lake Charles was published last month in the medical journal Echocardiography.

Cardiovascular Health · October 09, 2017
February is American Heart Month, and since its inception in 1964, this annual observance has done much to increase awareness about cardiovascular disease and how to prevent it. As a result, improvements in heart disease prevalence and mortality rates are being made each year.

Cardiovascular Health · October 03, 2017
Michael C. Turner, MD, cardiologist with Cardiovascular Specialists of Southwest Louisiana, presents "Controlling Your Risk of Heart Disease" for Christus St. Patrick Regional Heart Center.

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