Cardiovascular Specialists of Southwest Louisiana Participates In Pivotal PRECISE Trial

Just presented as part of the Late-Breaking Clinical Sessions at AHA2022

New clinical evidence from the PRECISE trial confirms that the CCTA +/- FFRCT centered strategy, supported by the AHA/ACC Guidelines, is recognized as a frontline pathway for patients with suspected CAD. As a PRECISE trial site, Imperial Health-Cardiovascular Specialists of Southwest Louisiana was pivotal in bringing these positive results forward for our community.

The CCTA ± FFRCT process

If a patient has suspected coronary artery disease, a clinician may order a standard CCTA scan to look at the anatomy for blockages.


If additional information is needed, an FFRCT Analysis may be ordered to better understand the functional impact of the blockage (physiology/blood flow).


Leveraging advanced algorithms incorporating AI and computational fluid dynamics, the FFRCT Analysis digital 3D model is built, showing how each blockage limits blood flow.


Within hours, the clinician receives the FFRCT Analysis via a secure web interface and can assess, vessel by vessel, if sufficient blood flow is reaching the heart to better determine the best treatment path.

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